OK…so technically it’s not a word, but it’s what women do.

They make life better.   And I’ve been fortunate enough to have an amazing group of women in my life that do just that – they make my life better by sharing their friendship, their ideas, their passion, their unique views of the world.

I’ve been thinking for awhile that I would like to figure out a way to share all of the interesting information that I learn from my friends.  A repository for the wisdom, insights, tidbits, movie recommendations, recipes, tips, secrets, inspirations, restaurant reviews, travel tips, interesting articles/books, things that make you laugh out loud !  Kinda like Facebook but without all of your friends from grammer school that you “friended” before you knew any better.

So please join me in creating a new space to share all of your wisdom with likeminded, intelligent, creative, amazing women so we can “enhancify” each others lives.   If you are interested in being a contributor, send me an email (pamela@pamelastandley.com) and I will send you an special email address that will make it very easy for you to post entries to this blog.   The subject line of the email will be the “headline” to your post and anything you write in the body of the email will show up.  Any copy or links or photos or videos will be posted as well.   Super easy.

If you would simply like to follow this blog, you can click the “follow” button on the right and enter your email address and an email will be sent to you whenever anyone posts something to the blog.  Or just bookmark it and check back in once in awhile.

To kick off my maiden blog post, I thought it would be appropriate to post something to make you laugh:

Looking forward to sharing tidbits from this fascinating life with all of you.

2 thoughts on “OK…so technically it’s not a word, but it’s what women do.

  1. This makes me laugh out loud every time. Saw an Eddie Izzard show a few years back. He is brilliant, well worth it to make a effort to see him if you can.

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