What a lovely idea so we don’t have to consider the appropriateness of posts to our uptight Bible-thumping relatives, high school friends or ex-colleagues on Facebook. Perhaps it’s the female equivalent of “The Bizzy Life” which skews male (except for Michelle’s brilliant posts). Here’s one I was going to email the book club girls but will post here instead.

Jill Taylor



4 thoughts on “Hooray

  1. Hey Jill !

    Great article. Still all and all it is a little scary….glad I don’t have to worry about it anymore but definitely not a step forward for women if any of this new legislation sticks.


    PS. Thanks for the reminder about adding your name at the bottom…I am going to send a note to remind people as well.

  2. Loved that New Yorker article which I’d just finished reading prior to seeing this on your blog, Pam! Leave it to Jill to be the first on the block…..let’s see if I can figure out a way to include my photo in the response….I’ve invited Bob to post his global warming blogs and charts here also.

  3. Hey Peggy –

    It looks like you figured out how to include your photo…Nice ! I am still trying to figure out all the bells and whistles to this blogging thing. Looks like you have a wordpress user name or account which is why your photo shows up. I am going to invite others to be “users” as well so that their byline will show up when they post. Not sure what this one will evolve into but it seems like a fun idea. Bookclub partly inspired it since we end up talking about lots of other interesting things besides the book !

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