Kindle + Library = Love

By Jill Taylor

Between the relentless rain and a nasty cold, I’m not getting out anytime soon. So I’m particularly appreciating my Kindle that wirelessly downloads unlimited books from the library. Yes, I was formerly a ‘I can get it at the library’ hold-out but when the new Kindle launched at $79 and they formed an agreement with libraries, it was time to shed my Luddite ways and convert. Now no more trudging to the library or packing books on planes so I’m happily reading more than ever (and with the larger font size, I’m reading faster than ever).

For those of you with a Kindle (or Kindle app on your iPad) and a library card, here’s how it works. Search on your library site and if there’s an eBook option it will show up to the right. Here’s one I just read and loved as an example:

Click on the “click here to access digital titles” link which leads you here:

Click “Place a hold” and enter your library card number and they will email you when it becomes available for downloading. (Most of the best sellers take awhile to become available however older books usually download immediately.) You will then be automatically directed to Amazon who will download your book wirelessly to your Kindle, piece of cake.

You can hold up to 6 titles at a time (and since I have a Santa Barbara library card too, 12) and check them out for up to 3 weeks. A little trick is you can get around this time limit by not turning on your wireless after its expiration, but if you want to download another book, you’ll have to turn it on eventually.

At first it may seem daunting to go through all these steps but after you do it a few times, it becomes automatic. And by the way, you can also check out audiobooks for your iPod/iPhone using the same method.

Happy reading,


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